Outdoor Living Rooms: Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

As cooler temperatures begin to move in for the fall, it’s time for Central Texans to move back into the great outdoors. Outdoor spaces provide the perfect environment for relaxing and soaking up the season, but they can also be incredibly functional living spaces. Outdoor living is enjoyable in any kind of home, but can be especially wonderful at a waterfront property – much like many of the homes available from Moreland Properties on Lake Travis and Lake Austin. These homes offer their homeowners peaceful and breathtaking views, direct access to the water and the Central Texas Hill Country, as well as a private and serene environment for relaxing, entertaining and more. Transforming your patio into an extended living room is easier than you’d expect. Here’s a little inspiration:


Photos from 4433 River Garden Trail and 7024 Cielo Azul


Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as a single grill or as elaborate as a completely designed culinary space. They facilitate outdoor entertaining from start all the way to clean up, and can be equipped with countless features to maximize convenience and to ensure that you don’t need to step foot indoors. From spacious counters, to beer or wine fridges or wood fired pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens are a wonderful way to enjoy the fall, with conversations over a cup of coffee or dinner al fresco.

boat deck 4

207 Bella Cima

Photos from 2503 Edgewater Dr. and 207 Bella Cima



Watching the sun set over the water is a one-of-a-kind experience, but once the sun is gone it’s important to have lighting outside so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors well into the night. Lanterns hung from trees or pergolas add a touch of character, while garland lights help disperse light over a larger area without being too harsh. For even more intimate lighting, try tabletop candles- even tea lights can provide a surprising amount of illumination. Underwater pool lighting can also aide in keeping your patio illuminated after dark, and with some, the color is changeable so you can even switch it out to suit your mood.

3509 Lost CreekLong Champ

Photos from 3509 Lost Creek Blvd and 3701 Long Champ


Seating and Shade

Even as fall slowly arrives in Central Texas, it is still important to provide shaded areas in the backyard for cooling off. Varied seating enhances an outdoor space’s usability and makes entertaining easy, especially when everyone is comfortable in the shade. Use architectural overhangs for shaded spaces, or construct a pergola for a shady spot away from the house. Decorative umbrellas are also an excellent way to keep cool, whether around the table or in a lounge chair.


23515 Paradise Cv217 Bella Riva

Photos from 23515 Paradise Cv. and 217 Bella Riva Dr.



While homes around Lakes Travis and Austin have direct access to some of the best natural water features in Central Texas – oftentimes within walking distance from home – many of Moreland’s listings feature additional pool and water features on the property itself. They are beautiful and functional focal points, a fantastic source of entertainment and one of the best ways to beat the Texas heat. Some Lake Travis homes even have infinity pools which blend the backyard into some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Central Texas; and intricate landscaping can help the pool merge into its surroundings.

For a closer look at more beautiful backyards on Lakes Travis and Austin, visit our listings page on the Moreland Properties website.

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