Emily headshot_2013 lakeIn 1986, after eight years of experience in the real estate industry, founder Emily Moreland decided it was time to open her own brokerage firm. She always imagined a company that held the standards of professionalism, ethics, integrity, dependability, commitment and hard work as high as she did. She wanted a company that built relationships and gave back to the community. She wanted a company that loved the Austin area as much as she did (and still does).

Four years later that company officially became Moreland Properties. Since those early beginnings, Moreland has sustained a pattern of solid growth, going from two agents in one location to over 70 agents in two locations. Referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients has fueled this rapid growth. Although Emily still plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the business, most of her time is spent supporting her agents and their clients’ needs. Emily Moreland remains a role model for her co-workers.



Here’s why:

“Emily is a caring person and always wants what is best for the individual as well as for the company. At Moreland, I always feel appreciated and I feel that the agents know how important staff is.”
– Debra Spindler


“I am proud to be affiliated with Moreland Properties, and I respect my fellow associates. In an increasingly de-personalized world, we’re with a company that believes in old-fashioned ethics and service, while embracing 21st century technology & ways of doing business.”
– Lyn Hollon


“Moreland Properties is the most supportive family of coworkers I have ever seen. Everyone is on equal footing, from the top producers to the staff, and that’s the way it should be. It has unparalleled support and resources, and a staff no one could live without. Also a great veteran core who share knowledge and keep the rookies out of trouble!”
– Clayton Bullock